Company Vision

Our aim is to harness the power of the earth, empower our people,

and ensure a culture of continuous improvement and service excellence.

Our common purpose is to uplift our country and its people. Just as we extract value from our operations,

we constantly rehabilitate the earth so to create perfect balance to ensure sustainability.

Our Mission

A meaningful participation in the Economic empowerment drive as an intergal strategy of our countries transformation process to encourage the redistribution of wealth,

and create not only job opportunities, but sustainable skill acquisition and development.

Our Services

Mining equipment and industrial and construction machinery:

To provide and market a broad based service to all mining, industrial and construction operations.

To recommend and supply cost effective solutions in the areas of construction and mining equipment,

pneumatics, Compressors, Generators, heavy engineering and manufacturing industires, electric power tools and quarrying.

Our products, backed up by sales, services and maintenance network to be established as we create empowerment partners,

will ensure a correct combination of high quality service provision to the customers


To provide a network of logistical services to the compressor and pneumatics hire industry and any other industries related to plant hire.

Letsema (PTY) Ltd

Letsema (PTY) Ltd