Rock Drilling Equipment

Letsema Pneumatics and Logistics

Letsema Pneumatics and Logistics is a well established business that has shown enormous growth. Our prime obligation is to serve our customers and suppliers as well as the social and physical environment in which we operate.Our rockdrilling equipment strives to be recognized as a leading mining equipment and services provider through focus on customer service, professionalism and integrity.

Our philosophy is grounded in achieving the highest technical quality in the drilling industry. Our unique drills have gained the reputation for being powerful, reliable and durable with customer testimonies worldwide. The high quality of our products is a result of the expertise and know-hows obtained through a long history of working closely with the mining industry.

As a company, we are innovation and development driven. Letsema stands for the highest level of durability and functionality for our customers. We pride ourselves in giving our clients a competitive edge. Our products are robust, easy to fit in various drill rig solutions and built to operate in highly demanding conditions. We base our business on long-term customer partnerships.

Rock Drilling Equipment Uses

Percussion drilling is mainly used in construction, mining and quarrying. In rock drills, the hammer creates an impact force on the drill rods or drill pipe that is transferred to the drill bit. It consists of a long rod called a drill string attached to its end. She is hit by a pole (hammer) to break stones. An advantage of the machines needed is that they are often less expensive than DTH or rotary platforms and are readily available. The downhole method (DTH) is typically used in the oil and gas industry, construction, mining (blast hole drilling) and well drilling.

The machinery used consists of a rock drill at the end of the drill string. As the drill string rotates slowly, the rock drill is continuously driven into the rock. DTH drills have many advantages over other alternatives such as rotary drills. These unique advantages include the ability to drill in almost any ground condition, ease of maintenance, minimal dust emissions, choice of hole diameters, and cleaner, more accurate holes. This drill is often the best choice for projects in cities and populated areas as it generates far less noise and vibration than other options.

The rotary technique is mainly used in underground mines and is required to drill holes of different diameters. The bit rotates downward under heavy load, breaking rock under pressure. Capable of working at any angle, the machine offers a number of benefits that make it an excellent choice for most job sites. Some of the advantages are speed, accuracy, high scores, etc. The Egyptians would have from to 3000 BC. A similar method was used.